Making Magic

Making Magic

You’ve probably already heard what a wonderful weekend we all had at the 12th #yogaconferencegermany. I was very honored to teach again this year. But honestly, it wasn’t all baddha konasana and bliss. There were a few moments when I was sure that wollowing in a cold damp cave would have been far better than where I was at. It just so happened, that in those particular moments, I was on a stage, in front of a large group of people, with bright, colorful lights shining on me.

Hiding was not an option.
That’s not the way I’m writing the story of my life.
I am couragous.

Listen, it’s normal to be nervous when you’ve prepared for something, and want to do your best in front of oodles of wide, expecting eyes. The key is not to get stuck. Keep on moving. Even if you’re taking baby steps that no one else notices. It builds momentum. In moments like these, when we feel small and unworthy, we must practice self-acceptance.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to expect ourselves to be further than we actually are. Think of how silly it would be to expect a baby to know how to walk or talk before she’s ready. It’s a process, and you just can’t skip certain steps along the way.

I am a teacher at heart. As a teacher I’m on a mission to learn. As a teacher I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned with others.

If you’re a teacher, embrace your vulnerability. Dare to share not only your knowledge, but your imperfections with the world.

If you’re not a teacher, but feel the calling – go for it!
It takes courage. It takes persistence. It takes commitment. But it’s so worth it.

So, breath by breath by breath, these uncomfortable moments passed. Feeling bolder, I was able to connect with others around me. Nothing heals the heart and shares love like a big, warm hug. And this weekend there were plenty of hugs to go around. And hug by hug by hug some channel within my heart opened wide. I felt bigger than my fears and inadequecies.

A gathering like this sharpens our thinking. It opens our hearts and connects us to a broader vision. We support each other in our creative efforts. If a group like this doesn’t exist in your area, create one.

Turns out, as a group, we are more than simply the sum of our individual efforts. When we come together and pool our talents, skills and knowledge toward a common mission, far more is accomplished than we, as individuals could ever have achieved alone. In fact, the power of this creative force is magical.

This is a magical movement, and you’re part of it.